Frequently Asked Question

What does?

With our online-powered high-quality translation solutions and a native-speaking expert translator staff, we disrupt the old translation paradigms by providing on-demand and accurate language translation services in over 90 languages.

What types of files do you support?

We support commonly used text formats like DOC, PDF & TXT and deliver our customers' files in the original format after translation. Please mail us for more details.

How many languages does support?

We offer instant translation in over 90 languages and an accurate human translation in 39 language pairs.

Most popular pairs are:
English to Hindi
English to Spanish
English to Chinese
English to German
English to French
English to Urdu
English to Arabic
English to Hebrew
English to Dutch
English to Russian
English to Japanese
English to Korean
English to Polish
English to Persian
English to Portuguese
English to Italian
And many other pairs are there, we can find it on our website.

How can I communicate with the translator?

You can leave a note on our contact us page.

What is the pricing?

Instant translation is free but for Human translation you have to pay. For more details please visit contact us page.