English belongs to Indo-European family. English is spoken in 137 countries and 400 millions people spoke English worldwide.

German belongs to Indo- European family.
Primary Country: German
German is spoken in 28 countries around the globe and 78 million spoke German worldwide.

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With roughly 90 million native speakers worldwide, German is the eleventh most widely spoken language. However, it surpasses languages like Italian, French, Spanish, and even English as the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe. Therefore, if you are not a native speaker or even if you are unfamiliar with common German words, this tool can be of great assistance to you. Long texts or messages can be translated from anywhere using this English to German translator. Whereas, Our German to English converter makes it simple to translate a text from German into English. Therefore, even if English is not your first language, you can learn German from it or English from German using this tool, which will enable in your learning and curiosities.